Your have recieved a link to Google drive that has an individual folder with your name.

At mid-semester of each term you will place in it:

2 Images from each of your classes with ARTS in it ( ex: ART 102)

using the following naming convention:

semester – year- course number- last name-#

example: f19-arts203-west-1 

You will do the same at the finals ( two images , each arts class). So you will have 4 images that will show how you have progressed over the semester.

Images can be formatted as follows:

1. photographs (JPGS) using phone cameras
2. Screen shots from computer (websites or graphics)
3. Movies (QuickTime or Mp4)
4. PNG
4. PDF

Faculty Advisors will confirm that you have uploaded portfolio pieces to the drive during registration activity. You will not be allowed to register without confirmation of these portfolio submissions.