Alphabet Project:

Part of what an artist does in society, is to reflect back what is
currently going on around them in the world. They absorb the current
thoughts of the day, and make them visual.

This is a political project. Taking what is being said/ shown today politically on the internet,grab images and words from the internet to create a the meaning of your alphabet letter.

Political means:no sports, no superbowl but for instance if your letter was "S" you might use the word "saving" and locate images of saving lives during 911.

Your letter should be a mood/ verb/adjective that refelects what has been happening for the last month politically in the world.

Sept 11, 2001 Spring 2011
Fall 2004 Fall 2011
Fall 2005

Fall 2012

Fall 2006

Fall 2013
Spring 2007 Fall 2015
Fall 2007

Spring 2017

Fall 2009 Spring 2018
Spring 2010 Fall 2018
Fall 2010 Spring 2019