Week 2 synchronistic class monday


Remember that book you were supposed to read and make notes about?

Usingr style recipe bubble and squeak
Use unordered lists, and ordered lists ( don't work about links)

Text Doc

you may use your notes
Save it Quiz2 in your folder.buuble and squeak

Call this Quiz 2, put it in your folder

and then send it to me.

Today we are talk about fonts and colors. and you will show your websites that you like the colors of.

fonts sizes and choices


Week 2 asynchronistic class Weds

How to add the div tag Ruth video

here is the text to add- this is a class.

  1. you will be looking at the color palette that you have chosen
  2. you will add to the aa Milne poem colors
  3. you will talk about div tags
  4. you will add your favorite palette colors and fonts to a poem of your choosing

What is a Div tag?

What is padding?


Homework: Read this two articles and Chapter 5

Come in with 2 different websites from best colors and fonts, that you like- be prepared for show and tell. ( try not to use just the first couple , as you will be in competition with your classmates)
You will have to describe why you the colors, how they set the mood for the page, and what the colors make us thing about.