Your Personal Site

In Class-

Lets look at your site so far. What do you colors say about you? what images did you pick? How do they speak to what you do? Do you have your 8 images?

what do you like about them? what do you not like?

Thanksgiving homework we meet Monday Nov 30

Look at color schems for your site

be prepared to talk about Don't Make me think on Monday Nov 30th


Monday Nov 30 We are meeting!

We will talk about don't make me think

and you will be sent in groups to report back about one of the 3

In your groups look at the folowing on line WIX, Squarespace,Godady

Homework Due Nov 9 ( your site is DONE!!!!)

Read Duckett chapter 7 and make a form on your contact page

Ruth's borrows code video


At this point your site should be almost done. Now w need to make the portfolio work. This can be painful with Dreamweaver, the program likes to have bad glitches. I recommemend when you feel like you have done it right and dreamweaver is not showing it correctly, save-close-reopen.

Making the portfolio

attach to your index and upload to our site.

How my final site looks

Remember you can always look at my source with the web developer in chrome or firefox.


read the history of responsive web design