Nov 11

In Class- Lets look at your Italy site

and talk a little more and start on your personal websites


Home work for Monday Nov 16 and Weds Nov 18

For Monday ( Nov 16) finish up your Italy site with google fonts, pictures  in the right places. Carousel pictures size up, to look right on the home page. I want fabulous!

For Weds. (Nov 19)
Front page of your portfolio site with colors selected, and layout for your about me, and contact.
I left the sticky footer code in there
Note: I made one mistake in the videos, use fluid container vs. container, and put in the footer when you start. ( look at my site to see the difference between fluid and non-fluid container.)


Note: Remember when you are looking at a bootstrap page in Dreamweaver look a in "Live" not design, as it calls things from the internet. When you are working on your index look at in "Design"

Let's make a portfolio site!


Here is the video tutorial

Here is the sticky foot code

using find and replace in dreamweaver ( a good thing to know)

  add content to your personal website and a google font. Collect images for your portfolio. here is the video

attach it to you index and upload. ( can't figure that out?) video

Ruth's personal bootstrap  site that she did for this section of the class