Week 2 Class 1 synchronistic

What are good websites and why do you like them?


Remember that book you were supposed to read and make notes about?

Using Textedit style the following quote, with h1 tags, Breaks, Paragraphs, Italics, strong, empahsis or quotes, word crossed outs and a line at the end

you may use your notes
Save it Quiz1.html in your folder.

and then upload it.


Week 2 Class 2 asynchronistic

Styling AAMilne.


Here is your text.

Here is a little about what CSS looks like

Colors in html

1.Starting with the aamilne- a quick video ( call this file 1-aamilne-yourname.html)


add the following to your html call this file 2-aamilne-yourname.html
and style the whole poem

Here is the video

3 add the following to your html using your own colors and call it 3-aamilne-yourname.html

Here is the video

Homework: for sep 14

1. Read Chapter 3 Lists- Chapter 4: Links

2. Do a poem of your own with at least two voices,(h1,h2) and a background color. shold be at least 20 lines long. call it 1-mypoem.html

3. Read the following articles

psychology of Color

best colors for websites

and find a website that you like the colors in a come in to discuss.