asynchronistic class Mon. (2 hours)

using your phone to photo - find alphabet images for letters a through b.


today we will design an alphabet using your images. We will be doing the whole alphabet- each will have a picture (one of your own) with text that can be from the internet. Over this week, We will do it with 4 letters on each page called the following: alphabet-a-d.html,alphabet-e-h.html,alphabet-i-m.html, alphabet-n-q.html, alphabet-r-v.html,alphabet-q-z.html ( please use the same css for each) This is how mine looked at the end of these tutorials- west alphabet A B

1.Start here

whole the playlist


2. Make a new file and add the following CSS

3. we will add text in the middle of our words


4. we will use float

we will float them left and right(Ruth Video)

we will do "B"(Ruth Video)

5 .use a color palette that works.

6. Making the letter font larger (Ruth Video)

7. add a Google font

Do alphabet through M ( 3 pages) upload your alphabet file to the Google drive.

Week 4 In person class Weds.


1. Quiz:

Remember that book you were supposed to read and make notes about?
In Your own words-

What is the difference between HTML, XHTML, and HTML5?
  1. What is the difference between block line elements, and in-line
  2. What is the difference between
    <div class="red">
    </div> and <div span class="red">
    </span> and <div id="wrapper"

2. what you found for websites

3. your poem

4. Any problems with alphabet



using your phone to photo - find alphabet images for letters c through z.

Finish alphabet pages html

read chapter 8 and 10 ( we will come back to the others)