Week 5 synchronization class Monday

In Class

1. Lets' look at what you have done! and talk about problems.

2. Navigation let's talk about how it works first in pods, then as a group

asynchronistic class Weds. (2 hours)

today we will be removing the css and making it external. This allows for the changes in the css to be unviersal, and change in every CSS.

1.Start here

Making the CSS external.

Watch this video (Ruth)

and add this code to the html

Take out the css in each of your other webpages and link to the csss

2. Change up the CSS

watch this video playlist

Add this code to your CSS

Add in your HTML page A-D

At <body>

at end

Now we will add a side-bar in that we will put navigation

Video explanation ( Ruth)

in your css

in your html

Now let's put in the banner
Short video and notes about using the web developer


in html also

finally we are going to fix the colors, make the layout fluid and add a banner-

The play list

the final css looks like this!

The final html looks like this! ( without your Aphabet in it)



1. Once you have this working- you need take the css out of each of your alphabet pages. and link to your external css. Then you need to add the <divs> to each of your pages.