Week 6 synchronistic class Wed

In Class

ipsum lorum

many ipsum lorum generators

what are the differnt types of mesurements? what is an EM?


Homework for Oct 14 (2 hours)

today we set up the left sidebar as a nav bar, stye the links, and make all the pages work together.

here is the full playlist

1.Start here

LoVe Hate. This is the way that your remember the order of links. Your start with a: ( that's the make a link)
and set them as following a:link, (L), a:visited ( V) , and a:hover (H)
Here is your code: ( put this at the end of your css file)

Ruth's Video

add to you CSS (at the bottom)

add to you html

and the add padding-left to your nav class in the css ( like I did in the video)

Next- what if I wanted the links to change a certain color only in the nav bar?

Ruth' video

add to your css

and to somewhere in the text.. a link.

How about an image in the nav link?



Now lets' make a top bar.

Ruth's Video for making the top bar

Code for the CSS ( to make a top bar)

Code for HTML - with external links

and finally how the full CSS looks

and the full html

add to all the pages (quick video)


1. add the nav links and top to each of your html- link them to the right pages- top should link externally/

on Wed 14th we will check to make sure that they are working.

2. Dowload "don't make me think" and read Chapter 1-4 - it's an easy book, and yes there will be a quiz.