Week 6 synchronization class Monday

In Class


asynchronistic class Weds. (2 hours)

today we set up the left sidebar as a nav bar, stye the links, and make all the pages work together.

1.Start here

LoVe Hate. This is the way that your remember the order of links. Your start with a: ( that's the make a link)
and set them as following a:link, (L), a:visited ( V) , and a:hover (H)
Here is your code: ( put this at the end of your css file)

Ruth's Video

add to you CSS (at the bottom)

add to you html

and the add padding-left to your nav class in the css ( like I did in the video)

Next- what if I wanted the links to change a certain color only in the nav bar?

Ruth' video

add to your css

and to somewhere in the text.. a link.

How about an image in the nav link?


and finally how the full CSS looks

and the full html


1. add the nav links to each of your html- link them to the right pages.

2. Dwonload "don't make me think" and read Capter 1-4) - it's an easy book, and yes there will be a quiz.