European Baseball League

In 2018 Europe started a baseball league. This three team league involves the Rome Galdiators, London Hawks, and Berlin Knights. The league was started by owners from the American baseball league, MLB. The teans play a short 36 game season followed by a round robin tournament to determine the winner. The EBL baseball season is played during spring training in the United States. Players are scouted and sometimes given offers from teams in the MLB.

The league is currently in the process of adding three more teams to the EBL. The Paris Tornados, Barcelona Fighters, and the Madrid Dragons. Each team has a 28 man roster. This league is unique for having many sidearm pitchers and switch hitting batters. The typical ages of players in the league range from 19-28.

Live Score Ticker:
LON @ ROM 6:15 LON - B. William 4-3 1.23 ROM - J. Caesar 2-3 3.56 | ROM 2 BER 5 Final W L. Brutus L E. Schmidt . . . R. Dietrich 2 RBI 1 HR