About Us

   Welcome to the world of pug fashion! Whether you are a new pug owner or someone that needs to amp up their pugs wardrobe, this site is for you! We specalize in the more formal wear for our faboulus pugs and strive to meet not only your pugs fashion needs, but comfort as well. Made with new wrinkle-free fabric, your pugs can take a snooze, go for a run, or even eat in our outfits and still look as good as ever! From proms, to weddings, to just a dinner out on the town, your pug will be looking their best no matter the occassion!

   From dresses to tuxes and suits, and even accessories, we have everything you need to dress your pug to be as proper as ever. Just as we know pugs do, our clothes come in all shapes and sizes in order to make sure your pug is as comfortable as can be. If youre not sure about your pugs size there is no need to worry as we offer size charts for those that may be unsure!

   Located in the United States, Proper Pugs is happy to announce our newly launched world wide shipping! You and your pup taking a vacation in London and booked a dinner much fancier than planned? Not a problem! We have fast 3 day shipping that will ensure you and your pugs great time. Across the world no matter how hard you look, you will not find better quality or prices anywhere!