My favorite pet’s name was Bailey and he was a Shiba Inu. He acted more like a cat than a dog, laying in the sun all day and afraid of water. Sometimes he would run away from our house and we would have to go looking all through the neighborhood for him. He even ran all the way down the street once.

When it was snowing one time, we dug a little area for him at the bottom of the stairs of the deck so that he could go outside, but he decided to step up onto the snow and ice instead and slid all the way down the hill. All you could hear was his paws on the ice sliding down the hill, past a tree, and almost into the woods.

He did not bark very often, except at the vacuum, and he would howl only occasionally. He was a very quiet dog who would not disturb anyone unless you were bothering him. I would want another Shiba Inu because they are a very cute breed of dog and typically quiet and like to lay in the sun. My dog would lay on the stairs where the sun was and proceed to follow the sun up the stairs as it moved throughout the day. Shiba Inu’s are my favorite kind of pet.