My cat Percy, originally named Hank, was born on July 7, 2011 and adopted form the Newington Humane Society by me and my family. He is a fun-loving animal with a bit of an aggressive side. He loves to play with his toys, and whether it is jumping for the neon fuzz or attacking Chester the stuffed raccoon, he always ends up curling up and taking a nap after. When taking these naps it is quite humorous to see the different ways he sleeps. From curled up in a ball, to laying flat, to even flipped over and completely sprawled out, he never fails to make himself look cute even in his sleep.

Many people seem to think that Percy is overweight. However, with all the exercise he gets running around outside I believe he is healthy. While he does get plump in the winter, his fat adds to his character. Even having his extra chunk, he is still able to climb trees, run around, and chase leaves. I personally do not think that he needs to lose any weight and am against putting him on a diet. The vet agrees and she explained that a lot of what looks like fat is actually extra fur to keep him warmer in the winter! With this extra fur he does indeed look larger. When winter ends Percy sheds his extra fur, which is where furballs come from. Because cats lick themselevs to become clean, he swallows a lot of this shedding fur, which then bunches up in his stomach and creates a fur ball. As this is uncomfortable for a cat, there are a few things that you can do to help reduce, or completely prevent this from happening. One thing that you can do is brush your cat. This will remove a lot the the fur that is shedding so it will not be ingested by the animal. There are also special medicated treats and foods made especially to break down the animal's hair in their stomach to prevent it from clumping.

Percy is an indoor/outdoor cat that truly believes he is a dog. Explaining this, he will sit by the door and bark, yes my cat barks, waiting to go out. He will follow me and my family on walks and runs around the neighborhood, and always stops to make sure he says hello and is greeted by everyone we come in contact with. When returning from said walk or run, he loves to beg for treats. He will give his paw, sit, jump up, or do anything else that he is instructed to do. He is truly a unique cat, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.