We at the Tattoo Workshop look forward to having you as a customer, and we hope you find any information you are looking for pertaining to your needs for either Tattoos. We deal solely with Tattoos only, so you know what exactly you are to expect when you walk through our door without the chaos and confusion of trendy boutiques, because to us, the quality of our work is what you came for, and that is where our focus is- to give you an outstanding, over-the-top, quality tattoo or piercing.

We strongly encourage you to bring in your own reference photos/drawings/etc and have our professional artists custom design a tattoo.. A tattoo is something that is representative of yourself and there is no better way to express your individuality than with a one of a kind custom tattoo.

Cleanest Shop Around

All tattoos are performed with sterile, single-use, disposable needles which means that the needle that was used on you was never used on anyone else and will never be used on anyone else. Any inks left in caps get disposed of and never re-used. All of our tools are cleaned via ultrasonic cleaners and autoclave sterilized according to Health Department Sterilization standards. Our autoclaves are spore-tested monthly as required, to ensure that our sterilization equipment is in top-notch working order for your safety. Not only do we comply with our local Health Departments expectations, but we do what we can to exceed as well.