Winter is here!

The cold weather has arrived and every pug owner knows the winter months can be chilly for your pup. Snuggle the Pugs has all the gear you need to keep your furry friend cozy this season! Buy now to get the best Start-of-the-Season deals!

About Us

One cold December morning a loving pug-owner knit her puppy a hat to keep it's head warm from the cold. After the endless compliments on her bundled pug she decided that pugs all over the world shouldspca3 be able to be as warm, cozy and cute as her little puppy was, thus Snuggle the Pugs was born! 10% of all purchases on this site go to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) so that we can continue to help all animals stay safe, warm, and loved this season.

For additional shopping needs, questions, and comments please send us an email at info@snugglethepug.com!