London Eyes Baseball

londoneyelogoFounded in 2017, the London Eyes are the first team in the Fantasy European Baseball League. The "Eyes" moniker was adapted from the London Eye itself, an iconic ferris wheel located on the South Bank of the River Thames. The team pays homage to the landmark with a secondary logo depicted on the sleeve of our home jerseys.

The team was founded by Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen wanted England to have a professional baseball team to match Major League teams in the United States.

During our inaugural season, we will be playing at the iconic Wembley Stadium while our very own downtown stadium is under construction. Wembley traditionally hosts football games (both English and American) and concerts, however the stadium can be easily converted into a baseball field. The stadium has a capacity of 90,000 fans, making it significantly more hospitable than any MLB stadium in existence.

This website is devoted to the initial branding of the team. Our creative department has ensured that the London Eyes brand will be unique by developing several new logos to commemorate the ballclub. This site also features the hats, jerseys, and specific home and road uniform combinations that we will don throughout the season. These items will be available for purchase soon. Navigate the sidebar links on the left in order to view different elements of the identity of the London Eyes.

Thank you.

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