Surrealist Art Project

Part 1:

Here are your themes, pick 1

space is not my friend
I knew there was an elephant in the room
Why is there cheese?
Sleep is a tough ride that happens fast
time has lost all meaning

1. Look at this surrealist art for inspiration.
2. Take lots of photos with your camera- of objects, of people, of places, of textures.
3. Thinks about how you would put them together in a surrealistic piece
4. you may use one image from the web

5. you need to attach a credits page

Within it there will be ( at least two of the following):

Out-of-place unreal scenes
Normal objects acting abnormally
Fantastic creatures

Part 2: Up for Critique

art piece is 1000X800

on the web

we will be using the project 4:
download, place inside your web folder

save your image at a .jpg or png- put in images folder and upload