1. One sheet of paper. Common notebook paper or stationery should work quite well.

Thepaper used must be rectangular in shape with straight, smooth edges and square (90°) corners. In order to provide the necessary stiffness and ease of folding the paper's weight should be at least 18 pound but not more than 28 pound paper. The size of the paper is less important than the features already discussed. It may range from about 4x6 inches to about 11x14 inches (lighter weight paper is more suitable for smaller sheet sizes).

The "weight" of paper offers an approximation of how thick and how stiff each sheet is. The term actually refers to the weight of a stack of 500 sheets of paper (of a certain size, which I have forgotten; possibly 17x22 inches?).


Flat Work Surface

2. A smooth, flat work surface.

The work surface should be at least as large as the sheet of paper and offer a firm, stable surface to support the paper while it is being folded.


3. OPTIONAL: One pair of scissors or paper shears.