Project 2:
political alphabet project

Part of what an artist does in society, is to reflect back what is currently going on around them in the world.They absorb the current thoughts of the day, and make them visual.

Taking what is being said/ shown today politically on the internet , grab images and words to create a the meaning of your alphabet letter. Your letter should be a mood/ verb/adjective that refelects what has been happening for the last month politically in the world.

This project is based on what is happenin NOW in current politics.

thnk about

The Rule of three


Take the letter that you have been assigned come up with a word that expresses the word

see examples for ideas. Your idea needs to be approved by Ruth.

go on the internet and gather images ( at least 25) that express that word.
put them in a folder Project2 in your working file.

Remember to create a credits page of the location of these images from the internet
in word!

Feb 27 & March 4

In Class
Image is 1000X800 pixels with 72 DPI
Letter Ex "Z" is the upper left hand corner
and is Font Arial Size 150
Resolution Smooth Color ( your pick ex Red)
Word ( or words) on Lower Right hand Corner - FontArial Size 60

resolution Smooth Color (same color or tonal family Ex Red or pink)

To use in Photoshop

Text & Effects,
Think about using other shapes beside boxes, angling images for great
affect, Diagonals, Pushing images forward using the effects shadows and
back using the effects bevel and Emboss

Think about Composition ( how your eye moves around the page.....) and not
making the image too busy.

March 4

we will be using the alphabet project 2 zip
download, place inside your web folder
rename folder to your letter ex a
and rename your letter ( ex "a.html" and rename the css to your letter.css ex a.css
then reconnect it.

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