The History of Art-

Due DEC9

It is important to understand the history of art, It gives you a basis to build your visual understanding.
In this project you are each given an artist to explore. Your site colors will reflect the palette of your artist. You will do a banner and rollovers that are appropriate in color

Your site will have 4 pages- from 3 different sources.

The home page/artist bio is the bio page.
Thier name will be at the top.
There will be a written bio about them ( this can be taken
from a website as long as you credit the site on the credits page.)
It will have a least 4 images of the artist work- float left/ float right at least 300px wide.

This is not just about where they were born. It should talk about thier life and thier work.

The artist /political movement will have what artist movement they were a part of- Who was making art at that time that they might have been infulenced by.- Why did thier work look like it did?
What informed thier political/ artist view?
This page will mention at least 2 other artists and have at least 2 pictures of each artist float left float right. This should be from a different source than bio and historical period..

The Historical period will talk a little about the time period that they were creating in ( basically between the artist ages of 15-40) t how it would have affected their art.( ex1: 1916 The Artist was affected by WW1, by having all his painting burned in the bombing or 1967 ex2: the youth culture of the 1960 helped develop his psychedelic palette.) Put in a couple photos of the time period.

This should be from a different source than bio and artist period.

The credits page have where you got your information,

REMEMBER: You will have to talk about the artist in class, and I will ask questions! So read you information! Do not come in and read off the screen.

Here is your Zip File

Here is a checklistto make sure you did it right!

1:30 class

Dec 9 1:30
Allie-Gee's Bend Quilts (multiple artists)
David-Andy Goldworthy
Danti- Jenny Holzer
Chris -Chiharu Shiota
Jamie-Nina Katchadourian
Heidi- Mark Bradford
Prashant -Arpita Singh
emma-wendy redstar
Paul-jacolby satterwhite



3:30 class

Dec 9
Mariam -Lita Albuquerque,
Noel-Ruth Asawa
Kyle-Otto Dix
Lexi-Kay Sage
Nico-Cai Guo-Qiang
Nichole-Remedios Varos
Corey-Alison Saar,
Chris-Theaster Gates
Nate-Nick Cave
Gabby-Judy Chicago
Ma -Cao Fei