Project 5:
Corporate Website

Due at the exam-

1:30. Mon. 12/16 12:30 pm
3:30 Mon 12/16 at 5:00 p.m

remember points are taking off

if there are "your name and project here"
if there are .PSD ( photoshop native files)
if all the links do not work


You have just been asked to design a web site and corporate identity for a brand new company. They want you to do everything!
They want logo design that really says who they are-
and they want a web site that will get the their point across and excite their clientele.

Minimum five pages
with Rollovers

That's 4 Pages and a credits page

1.Colors, Fonts and Banner for your Website

Does it need a logo? Look at this site for inspiration!

Think about your color palette.... What reflects the MOOD of your site ? What makes it clean and readable? What graphics tell the story?.
Read this website for thoughts about colors

Use only 4-5 colors for the whole site!

Be prepare to have me ask about it!

Fonts? What kind of Google fonts do you want to use?

Header w/ Logo..... How should this look?

All pictures on this site must be changed at least 3 times!


2. What am I looking for in this site?

Technically- all links work, your name here, images in image folder, at least one new rule, one google font, a rollover change. extra points for an animation.
Spell checked, use of tables, float left and float right.

Visually: color palette works with the site, spacing around images makes sense, each image used changed at least 3 times. Color change on sidebar, footer, header

Choose from this list..... Rules..
each row can has to do 3 different sites.

1:00 each site can be done only by 3 people
3:00 each site can be done by only 3 people


NOTE: You Get to name the site.

1.Fantasy European Baseball
New baseball hats from teams that don't exists yet. You name them you design the logo.
At least 4 designs and the the designs being shown on the hats, shirts and a little bit about the team

2. skateboard, skateboard
Custon designed skateboards- for the hip and trendy. ( you design)

3: Dress the pugs

A complete wardrobe for pugs

4: Custom Cars!
Spectacular paint jobs for cars ( You design)

5: Tattoos
new designs for tattoos