What is on your Site at the final

I will be downloading final sites after each exam
attached to your home web page index should be:

Projects 75%
I check these for technical, visual, beauty, and redoes.
Project1: apple/hand
Project 2: Alphabet letter
Project 3: Pop art portrait
Project 4: Surreal
Project 5: Artist
Project 6: Corporate Site

Tutorials 25%
I check these for technical and being done.
Tutorial 1: Railway
Tutorial:2 fire and face
Turorial 3:pop art
Tutorial 4: surreal
Tutorial 4: Airplane
Tutorial 5: Animations
Tutorial 6: Cats in Hats

Tutorials & Projects

1) All web page links should work, no excuses
Check and recheck
2) All file names have no spaces in them
3) All files in the right folders. In the Project folder should be the image folder and HTML. and CSS
In the image folder only .gif's, jpgs,pngs
Points taken taken off for ever other file ( except Log files)!
4) every Project should have a credit page
5) every page should be named IE (no "your name here "pages)
6) Google fonts in Artist and Corporate.

Look is defined as the amount of beauty, creativity and intelligence that
you bring to a project.
Extra points are given if the work is redone.
On a single image: Does your composition work? do your color choices make
sense? Is it visually appealing?

On a web page: Does your layout work? Do you have a background
color/pattern that is visually appealing? Does the font work with the idea? Is it readable?
Has it been spell checked?
Web pages should be readable, and make sense.

ATTENDANCE ETC... (from the Syllabus)

1. Attendance
Attendance will be counted from the reading of the class roster. If you are not there on time, but come in late you will be docked ½ a class. DO NOT LEAVE CLASS, if I am late. I WILL BE HERE, unless a message is given to you, I will arrive, I will take attendance. Be there! 2 absences are allowable, 3 affect the grade (A to A- to B to B- to C to C-) These absences can be days on the sick list, away games, teacher conferences, knee surgery, consequently do not use your absences to sleep in. If a message is given that I will not be here, please check your e-mail and the class web page for assignments. If there is a snowstorm, Mud storm or Landslide, I will have a message put on the lab door and on my voice mail that I will not be here. If the school is closed (Ex5999) I will not be here.

2. Participation
Students will be expected to ask questions during computer graphic demonstration. They will participate in group critique of other students. Part of their evaluation will be the quality of their critique and their attentiveness during class.

3. Projects
Projects are due on class date at the beginning of class. If the class is missed that the project is given, the student is expected to get the information from another student. A project is counted as “in” when the project is in my hand ,on appropriate zip disk, or emailed to me. If there is a problem, leave a message on my voice mail or my email. Projects are lower one grade point (A to A- to B to B- to C to C-) each class that it is late. This information is also on my faculty home page, so there is no excuse for work not done.

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