first hour

create a 1000X800 PX 72 DPI image in Photoshop

this is a halloween card. It should contain at least one pumpkin, one animal and anything else you can imagine. it should say : happy halloween. ( figuratively and literally)

you want to make this as visually interesting and smart as you can.
it should have good use of the tools that we have used, good layout- good color- good design.


2. second hour:

unzip the following file.

put in the the picture you have created in the images and call the image midterm.

In dreamweaver make this into a page,put everything were it should be, remember your naming conventions, and all the places your own name should be. and upload the file and attach it to your index.

if by the last 10 minutes you have been unable to do this Zip your midterm and send it to me.