Index File

Why must we call it index?

When a connection is made to a web site without specifying a specific file in the URL, most servers return a default page. This page is known as the "landing page" and most servers will provide by default a file named "index.html" Thus, a connection made to "" turns into "".

Generally, a server can be configured to use a different file file as a landing page if desired, but "index.html" is the most common and typically the name used unless the developer or administrator has a reason to configure the server otherwise.


Building our page

1. make your site
2. use the tut zip
3. rename index and place as follows

4. relink the index.css
5. Rename top to your name
6. use the hyperlinks to link to Project 1,tutorial 1, tutorial 2
5. in the body tag add
background-image: url(images/big.jpg);
Changing the big to your file name