Project 1:

Ducky-hand "du Jour"

Class 1: Mon.
1. 4 ducky pieces saved as .PSD in "working Folder"-project 1


Video "how to"


objects that show the history of YOU!
divide you life into 5 bits (Ex 0-3,4-9,10-12,13-15, 16-18)

make a word doc of locations were you got the images)
save them in your working folder-project

Class 2: 1/30 (Wed)
make 5 new objects in hands describing yourself

Class 3:Mon
In Class
1. Make the 5 new pages.2. top created , 5 large ducky pages created saved in project1 folder

Unzip this folder and put it in your web folder

Class 3:
in Class
4. Upload to the internet Spring18
1oclock/ your name (john)

330oclock/ your name (john)


Things to know:
DPI 72 is the resolution of the internet.
resolution of page 800X800
jpg size under 50k
page 80K
making site in Dreamweaver
Making web page
Link pages