Project 1: Your life is In Your Hands

In this class, we are going to put your life in your hands. You are going to create a series of pictures, that show some of the objects that have meant the most to you during your life. You will divide your life into five parts, and gather five images of things that are important to you. These you will put into the hands.

This project is divided int two parts, a build in Photoshop and then bringing it over to dreamweaver.

What will it look like? Here is a best of version of the final project

If you are interested in seein more here is the "best of page"
These images will then be made into webpages, and you will put them up on the web in your own folder. You will have web images to show the family at home within the first three weeks of classes. Let’s get started!

Part 1:Photoshop
The first thing you need are the images that you will start working with. They are the hand, the duck, and the flowers and fruit. We will be doing a tutorial, that shows you how to put these all together .Make a new folder in your working folder called-project1. Here are the images to download .




The tutorial videos consistes of doing objects in hands 3 times,using a number of different effects, one with the duck, once with and apple and once with a rose. In the 4th part, I do it with a pug but you can start doing it with your 5 images. You will have 8 images all together, 3 from the tutorial, and 5 from your life.Make a word doc to go with them, so you can do your first credits page.

Here is your play-list for project1- where you are working in Photoshop.

Part 2: Dreamweaver

In this section, we prepare our computer to work with Dreamweaver. If you have Dreamweaver on your machine, you will only have to do this once. If you are using a school machine, it goes back to setup every-time you start. Here is a quick video to opening Dreamweaver.   

In the following tutorial, we will start by making our first folder in "web", putting our hand pics as Jpgs, and then opening up Dreamweaver. But the time we are done we will have uploaded it to the web.

Here is your playlist for Photoshop to Dreamweaver and the web