Making a Brickwall

Hello students,
I have got the flu  so will not be in today.
Please use the sign in sheet to sign in-
 and then do the following tutorial to put your face on a brick wall.

Here is your assignment- Do this in Class today.

  1. First make a new folder in WORKING,
  2. place in that a brickwall from these set ( or one of your own choosing)-
  3.  then put in a picture of yourself. (headshot).
  4. Open both of these in Photoshop, make brickwall a layer by double clicking on it in the layer pallete.

 The Tutorial.

In this tutorial, you will learn a new way of creating a marquee, and how to transform an image with perspective. Use you own picture in place of the tutorial picture
This tutorial is only 5 minutes long, I suggest you stop and start it to understand what he is doing.
Stuck? Ask another student to help you.

When you are done, save it- in  your working folders as brickwall.
See you Weds.


Here are some problems you might have:

Ignore Refine edges-
It does not work in this version

If dragging to the wall doesn’t work- use cut and paste.

Images will not group if brickwall is still a background- Double click on it in layer panel to make it a layer