The Tutorial


This tutorial goes deeper into css, showing you how to manipulate it with color, font and border. You will also learn howto put a video in ( as some of you will need it for your artists). These are together as a playlist here.

Do this turorial using this zip that is haunting familar to you as it is my version of the airplane tutorial. This will be due April 29-uploaded, though we will NOT have class. I want to make sure you understand. I will be "on line" during class on  April 29 and May 4 for questions and problems. Once you understand all of this, move on to the project which is due the last class and the final. After my last final ( May 11) I will download your work, and grade.

Some of you will be presenting on the last class, and some on the final, but all work is due that WEDs-May 6!.
on Weds May 6 we will try and get through as many of your sites as possible- (think about your presention being 10 minutes long) nad finishat the final. And yes, you are expected to be at the final.

the cssmaker link

How video will look.....