Tutorial 6: Movie Animation Due April 20

Arts 103: Muybridge

This week we are going to be creating a short gif animations on line and looking at a photographer named Edward Muybridge.

What has always fascinated me is how artmaking, technology advances, and the time period affect how art and why art is made. I want you to watch the following video and write me at least  4 sentence answer to the following questions attache this in an html to your tutorials (how? Watch this video)

What were the technological advances that made Muybridge able to create his photographs?

What happened in his life that informed his work?

What Technology did Muybridge create, and what did it lead to?

Was he making art?

Muybridge video to watch


Muybridge's Zoopraxiscope

 What his work looked like Locamotion:


Here are the things you need to get started. Please do the following tutorial

Here is your zip to place in your web folder

and will be working with this video

Youtube tutorial playlist