Railroad and ladies

Today we will be creating a winter scene using a antique photo, a picture of clouds and a palm tree .

What we will learn. Example

1) make new folder in working folder called: tutorial1:

Call these


How to make a background into a layer.
We will be learning how to use levels which are at IMAGE>ADJUST LEVELS
We will learn clone to get rid of the words using the clone tool
We will be learning to "unstick" the background and make it into layer
We will be using the magic wand in the tool bar to select and remove background.
We will grabbing a single cloud formation from a web site.
We will be grabbing a palm tee from the internet.
We will painting and making it look good.
We will add the text "wish you were here


1)repeat this process using another sky, and having the pine trees
in the picture.


For our webpage

we will be using the tut.zip
download, place inside your web folder
and rename tut1 and rename the css to tut1.css
then reconnect it.